2 Mafry Balang

Mafry Balang (born on 26 March 1984 in Sipitang, Sabah) is a footballer who plays for Penang FA in Malaysia Premier League, mainly as a central defender, although he can operate occasionally as a defensive midfielder. Mafry spent most of his career with Sabah FA (five years). Nicknamed ‘Iron Man’ by Sabahawk fan supporter due to his tough-tackler, Mafry is a versatile player who can play anywhere on defence, including a more defensive minded midfield role.

Mafry helps Sabah FA qualified to the 2010 Malaysia Super League under Manager Gary Phillips. He can plays in various position as defender, centre back and defensive midfielder. After the meetings held by Sabah FA management, they made the final decision to released Mafry Balang with 13 other players for the 2013 Malaysian league.

He had joined Kelantan FA as a loan player for 2012 Malaysia Cup campaign with Afiq Azmi and Mohd Aslam Haja Najmudeen. They had helped Kelantan FA grab the 2012 Malaysia Cup throphy for the second times. For the 2013 Malaysia Premier League, he had joined Sarawak FA.

After spending two seasons with Sarawak, Mafry joins Penang FA for the upcoming 2015 season. He is also accompanied by his Sarawak teammate, who is Sani Anuar Kamsani.


mas Malaysia
Current Team
Pulau Pinang
Super League
2016, 2017
March 26, 1984